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FoB Compact Plus Classic

Here's the latest Field 'o Box made for a commission, a Compact Plus model with the Classic Scheme that fits for all the Blood Bowl teams ! More pictures on Facebook here : FoB Compact Plus Classic

FoB : Master Model – Classic Cu...

Hello Blood Bowl fans, This is a custom " Master " model commission with the Classic theme I've recently done ! Everything listed below has been done based on the requests and everything – as usual – is 100% handmade The field is more larger compared to the Compact / Compact Plus models, so it […]

Field ‘o Box – Compact Pl...

Hello everyone, This is the new model that will join my actual range of portable fields : Compact Plus The Compact Plus have the same measures as the Compact, but comes with better and detailed dugouts, custom logo in the front panel box that replace the text " Field 'o Box " and better locking […]

St. Peter – Purgatory Miniature...

Hello everyone, Here's my first version of Peter from Purgatory and the next one I have in plan to paint, will have a diorama Little plot : Pety whammed a poor dude that tried to pass without his permission or key. Some of his grey matter hangs from the baseball bat, just like a souvenir […]

Heart of Winter

Howdy followers, The Christmas Project " Heart of Winter " is completed ! This mini diorama has been done for the 'Eavier Metal Christmas Competition, everything on the base / plinth ( included ) is handmade as usual. Spent several hours to finish it and in my opinion better than the latest one I've done. […]

Welcome to Paradise

Hello followers ! Check out some pictures done for my latest completed project, featuring " Maia ", miniature sculpted by Another World​ ! Plot / description : The diorama with the Post Apoc theme is also a homage to the first Mad Max movie ( Interceptor – 1979 ) and the skull that is squashed […]

Purgatory : ” St. Peter “

Hello everyone, this is my first Review ever made for a miniature, so don't bite me and will do some more in the future ! Anyway, let's begin : Purgatory is a brand new 32mm miniature game founded in the 2015 by Underestimated Games Limited. The high quality resin minis will be used for a […]

November Project Update

Hello, also this project is coming to an end and have little days left to finish it ! I'm waiting the delivery of some basing stuff, some paintjob to do on the miniature then a general polishing of everything, obviously pictures will be posted asap :). When I'm done here, I'll begin the Christmas Project […]

BB New Portable Field

Hey everyone, the new Blood Bowl portable filed is almost completed, just dugouts, field lines and the 2x logo to do then it's don,  will post the pictures asap ! This field will be available to be purchased, first come first served ! On request I can do also the themed bases with the same […]

Field ‘o Box Compact

Hey there fellas, this is the latest Field 'o Box Compact Custom done 1 month ago as a commission ! The customer requested a Dragon ( celtic style drawing ) for the mid field Logo and a Dwarf face for each corner of the box , Classic Scheme for the terrain and 16x round themed […]